Consulting Services

In additional to creating our own products, Reflected Sun offers software development and usability consulting services. We work with your staff to create software that satisfies your target audience and meets your business goals.

Application Development

Our primary software developer has twenty-four years of experience creating custom and commercial and enterprise applications for Microsoft Windows. Whether you need a quick design review, modern windows application, or touch-centric cross platform mobile app for we can get the job done. Our focus is on creating XAML-based software to run on Windows (UWP and WPF) or cross platform apps (Xamarin Forms).

Although application design and implementation is our focus, we can also help design and create  SQL server databases.

User Experience Design

Features and functionality are not sufficient for a successful software system. Our usability consultant can help ensure that your users and your software have an effective and peaceful coexistence.

Usability benefits your company by:

  • Boosting productivity and efficiency.
  • Decreasing training and support costs.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing sales and referrals.
  • Reducing overall development costs.
  • Increasing acceptance of your product, process, or web site.

These benefits are achieved through proven user-centered design techniques. Working with your organization, we identify your essential usability needs and address those needs in a timely, cost-effective manner. Available services include:

  • User Research - Identify who will use a product or web site, what they will use it for, under what conditions they will use it, and what they expect from it.
  • Information Architecture - Examine tasks to be done and information to be displayed. Then, create an organized structure for people to perform tasks and access information.
  • User Interface Design - Lay out the visual interface to simplify navigation, facilitate task completion, and effectively communicate your message.
  • Usability Evaluation - Collect feedback from potential users to assess the design and identify problems to be addressed. This focuses improvements where the payback is greatest.
  • Prototyping - Create mockups for concept demonstration or design evaluation and refinement
  • Implementation - Implement applications and databases.