Let the Boredle app give you some quick fun. Available for free, without any stinking advertisements, for Windows and Android.

Boredle on Android


Boredle is a free, fun, and brain-teasing puzzle game that can be played offline without any annoying ads. Similar to the New York Times Wordle® game, the objective of the Boredle is to guess a word in six attempts. Each time you guess, color codes let you know which of your chosen letters are in the secret target word, and whether the letters are in the right place. You can play as many puzzles as you want per day.

Boredle offers three gameplay options. The first option is to play with the app providing secret target words. The second option is to play the target “Word of the Day”, allowing you to compare your results with how other people deduced the daily target word. The third option lets you choose the target word for a friend to play.

The app developer enjoys camping in the mountains where no cell signal is available. Boredle was created to allow an enhanced Wordle®-like game to be played without a data connection and without annoying ads.


Boredle has advantages not offered by the New York Times Wordle® game. These include:
  • Play with 4, 5, or 6 letter words.
  • Multiple levels of difficulty.
  • Choose target words to play with a friend.
  • No tracking and none of your personal information is harvested.
  • No Internet connection is required to play.
  • No advertisements.
  • Totally free.
  • Play as many times as you want on any day.

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