World Time Clock Frequently Asked Questions

Occasionally, my live start screen tile just displays a logo rather than the time. What's up with that?

After you sign into your computer it can take up to three minutes for Windows to give World Time Clock an opportunity to run and refresh the live tile (the length of the wait depends on your computer speed, how long you have been logged out, and what other apps are running in the background). If you don't want to wait, briefly open World Time Clock, and the start screen tile will show times after only a few seconds.

How can I show the time of day using a 12-hour or 24-hour clock?

Go to the 'Settings' page to switch the time display format.

I need to call someone in a small town, and it doesn’t come up in your list of cities when I type it in. How do I find that time zone?

Just click on the map to find the nearest city in the region of interest.
It is true that there are a limited number of cities in the app’s database. It is a delicate balancing act, but we decided to use a relatively small embedded database of cities to increase app responsiveness, minimize memory requirements, and make the app work even when you do not have an internet connection. We tried to include the largest city in each country, time zone, and region.

How can I always see the number of hours offset from UTC/GMT for my cities?

You can choose how much detail is displayed on the city tiles by going to the 'Settings' page. From the dropdown list of choices under 'Information shown...', select 'Detailed'.

Why can’t I zoom in on the map to see my neighborhood?

To avoid wasting your data plan, we have built a map into the app with sufficient detail to display time differences across the world. This allows World Time Clock to be compact, fast, and fluid. To browse your neighborhood, use the Windows 10 mapping app provided by Microsoft or Google maps.

I need to know the time for a place in China and I don’t know how to spell the city name. How do I find it?

No problem, just guess at the spelling. With our smart “fuzzy” lookup system, you can find unfamiliarly named cities without spelling the name perfectly. Bonus factoid: all of China uses the same time zone!